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Carnal Knowledge by Malerie Marder

Malerie Marder lives and works in Los Angels, She studied at Bard
College with Stephen Shore and at Yale University with Gregory
Crewdson, Phillip-Lorca diCorcia and Nan Goldin. Carnal Knowledge is
Marder's first monograph wonderfully published by Violette Editions.
The preface is by Gregory Crewdson, texts by Charlotte Cotton and
novelist James Ellroy, and short stories inspired by Marder's work by
A.M. Homes, James Frey and Bruce Wagner. In addition you will find a
candid correspondence between Malerie and Philip-Lorca diCorcia

The photograph pictured above of Marder intriged us. We asked her if it was a
self-portrait and she said it was taken by a former boyfriend, the
novelist Thomas Leveritt. A character named Ariel Alkali can be found
in Leveritt's book "The Exchange Rate Between Love and Money" based on

Tom was kind enough to share an excerpt from the book:

‘Watcha doing?’ says Ariel, smiling down at him from long legs, shaking out a tangle of glossy hair, and removing an overcoat to reveal an olive-green vest ripped open from bellybutton to collarbone, but held together with maybe fifty gold safety-pins. Eyes as blue as perfume ads. Something of a rarity, a half-Croatian half-Czech Ashkenazi artist, and stone cold the most beautiful woman in Sarajevo.

Below works from Marder found in Carnal Knowledge...

 To read more about Marder's book go here:

To read more about Leveritt go here:

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