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Venetia Scott

 Naturalist Project Issue No 8

In Conversation with Venetia Scott 

There are few rocks within fashion’s 21st century elite that glory in unrefinement, maintaining their outsider reputations, nursing connections to the anti-establishment and to rebellion of the sort that isn’t manufactured by a roundtable of designers and editors with agendas to push and dollar bills to collect. Venetia Scott is one of these gems, a true rarity of near mythical status. A figurehead of the revolution that stormed London in the early ‘90s, which democratized fashion and disabled its hierarchy, she is as honest and authentic as such a history could elicit. Her styling work, photography, and interviews reveal a frankness that is unusual in fashion and consumer society. In an age when self-marketing is as key to the relevancy of a fashion career as the actual work produced, in which drug use is still touted as a societal marker of rebellion, Scott eschews social media, considering meditative time a signifier of modern counterculture. 


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