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Cody Simpson

Naturalist Project Issue #8

photos Dennis Golonka  style Romina Herrera Malatesta  featuring Cody Simpson  text David Gagliardi art direction Lisa Dotson

Growing up isn’t easy for anyone. The path to adulthood is long and strewn with awkward situations social problems and family pressures, but as uncomfortable as it is from within the privacy of your own poster-covered bedroom walls - a select demographic of people have to navigate their way through all of this in front of millions of people. While all of this understandably tolls heavily on some (read “Amanda Bynes”), there are rare instances where the subject is fortunate enough to make it through in one piece - and in the case of Cody Simpson, perhaps even introspective enough to offer a glimpse into the other side of the tabloids.

Last year Simpson parted ways with Atlantic Records, who had fostered and developed his career since age 13. His decision came as a shock and surprise to many, and it is hard to imagine how that would come to fruition without burning a few bridges. Shortly after, he started his own label (Coast House Records) and in June released his first post-Atlantic record, Free.

I was able to catch up with Cody on his way to a rehearsal in LA, and wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. A childhood sensation recently divorced from his million-dollar record label to pursue a passion project? Not an easy thing to pull off without seeming contrived or overeager, but instead of the classic zealous teenager mold, what I found was something more like Michael Douglas in Falling Down; a case study on oppression through the bureaucracy of an industry. 


groomer: Gavin Harwin 

producer: Chelsea Maloney @ See Management

photography assistants: Nick Turk & Matt Brown

fashion assistants: Page Schultz & Giorgia Fuzio

special thanks to: Jay Stadwick,

Ashley Lanaux & Justin Stirling

location: Dune Studios, NYC

to view video footage from the day go Here


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