Pieces of the Other

Fashion Project Issue #8

photos Ben Lamberty  style Romina Herrera Malatesta  art direction Manuel Schibli

casting: amy lowles

hair: jerome cultrera @ see management using oribe haircare

makeup: bryan zaragoza @ see management

tailor: caitlin cowger

stylist assistants: page schultz 

photography assistant: stephanie wald

photographed in ny at easy studio



The Wild One

Fashion Project Issue #8

photography  •  Dennis Golonka  styling  •  Romina Herrera Malatesta   featuring  •  Heather Marks

model: Heather Marks @ Woman Managemet

hair: Cash Lawless @ Jed Root

makeup: Charlotte Day @ See Management using MAC Cosmetics

prop stylist: Teri Cotruzzola

photography asst: Shane Lavancher

stylist assistants: Page Schultz & Anna devereux

special thanks: Lesley & Joel Harrison 

photogrphed in the Catskills, NY.


Vincent Van Duysen

Purist Project Issue #7

text  •  Brooke Stoddard     portrait  •  Willy Vanderperre 

The Poetry of Purity

Belgium designer Vincent Van Duysen’s architecture, interiors and products are rigorous in their attention to detail and luxurious in their use of natural materials, light and space, breathing new life and soul into minimalism. 

Don’t call Vincent Van Duysen a Minimalist. Van Duysen prefers the term “traditional modernist.” Unlike many other contemporary architects, Van Duysen is equally passionate about creating the interior “atmosphere” for a client as he is about designing the exterior building.  



my god is real to me

fashion project issue #7

photography  •  Dennis Golonka  styling  •  Romina Herrera Malatesta   featuring  •  Bastian Thiery

model: Bastian Thiery @ DNA

hair cut and style: Cecilia Romero using Rene Furterer

makeup: Deanna Melluso @ the Magnet Agency prop/set stylist: Teri Cotruzzola

producer: Chelsea Maloney @ See Management

Casting: Megan McCluskie

to view video footage from the day go Here:



Daniel Turner

Purist Project Issue #7

text  •  Wayne Northcross  photography  •  Kathy Lo   styling  •  Romina Herrera Malatesta

Daniel Turner’s art stages minimalism’s economy of form as an assemblage of the industrial and pastoral, the drudgery of labor and comfort of domesticity. In a post-Fordist manner, Turner raises the specter of the assembly line’s unrelenting and efficient movement toward perfection, a process that cannibalizes labor by obscuring the human and artist hand alike. Turner’s perfected, yet besmirched countertops and basins, his bonelike refrigerator door handles and sooty burnishes both erase human activity and stand as utilitarian carapaces. To me ,they are timeless repositories of consumer aspirations and industrial detritus. Turner, using found materials or transmuting chemurgical substances at hand or on-site, is conditioned by space - whether the sleek white-cube Team, his New York gallery, or the desertscape of Marfa, TX where this fall he will be an artist-in-residence at The Chinati Foundation.

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