Nowhere Land

fashion project Issue#7

photography • Christophe Kutner   styling • Romina Herrera Malatesta  featuring: Kel Markey

hair: Yoichi Tomizawa using Oribe @ Art Department

makeup: Regina Harris

stylist assistants: Carolyn Brennan, Caitlin Cowger & Emma Nolan

producer: Chelsea Maloney @ See Management

casting director: Megan McCluskie

special thanks: Patricia Black & Lindsay Carr @ Albright Fashion Library


Matt Dillon

purist project Issue#7

text  Malerie Marder  photography  Dennis Golonka   styling • Romina Hererra Malatesta 

Matt Dillon’s “new favorite word is verisimilitude.” It’s not the cadence of the adjective that draws him in, though my own tongue twists while he mouths it with ease. It’s the getting at the truth that he’s after. “Big things happen to little people,” he says self - deprecatingly, his voice a deep baritone, lacking in pretension. At the age of fourteen while cutting class, Mr. Dillon was discovered by a casting director for the film, Over the Edge and subsequently cast in the lead role as Ritchie, a troubled teen. As he explains it, “I used to cut class in high school, but then go to the library to read.” After the phenomenal success of his early films, My Bodyguard, Little Darlings, Tex, Rumble Fish, and The Outsiders perhaps it is his inner nerd that kept him from being swallowed up by a voracious public and led astray. We don’t expect our teenage idols to grow up and become serious. Surveying Mr. Dillon’s three-­‐decade long career is like taking bites from the canon of cinema (The Flamingo Kid, Drugstore Cowboy, Singles, To Die For, and Crash to name a few). When playing a character, he “sees things from the inside out.” A poetic observation, which describes how he makes his imprint as an actor, but also hints at how he sees himself and the world around him. Our conversation interrupted the editing of his documentary on the Cuban jazz musician, El Gran Fellove. Having been holed up in a dark editing room for weeks pouring over archival footage, sorting through factual truths that will form his story, it was like emerging from his own self - imposed solitary confinement, and by his own admission, his perfectionism. I half - heartedly tried to keep our conversation to the present (Mr. Dillon will be starring in M. Night Shyamalan’s Wayward Pines as secret service agent Ethan Burke on Fox) but we agreed that the present moment, like the search for truth (in fiction or elsewhere) is elusive.

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fashion project Issue #7

photography  •  Leon Mark   styling  •  Rüben Moreira  featuring  •  Beth Donaghy

make up: Niamh Quinn @ LGA 

hair:  Roku Roppongi @ Saint Luke  

stylist assistant:  Katie Grace


Ali and Marcel

art project issue #7

by Marcel Castenmiller & Ali Michael

all clothing Calvin Klein


Jessica Paré

fashion/features project issue #7

Meshes of the Afternoon

photography  •  Malerie Marder   styling  •  Michelle Tomaszewski   text    Alec Holland

I start my interview with Jessica Paré the least professional way possible: kvelling. I can’t help it. Jessica, who plays Don Draper’s young wife Megan on Mad Men, is on arguably one of the greatest TV shows of all time. Great writing, great acting; and it’s a visual wet dream. Also, Jessica looks just like the model on the cover of Herb Alpert’s Whipped Cream & Other Delights, which was my childhood obsession, so I am full tilt kvell. 

Jessica has an easy attitude as she talks. Yes, you could blame it on being Canadian (sorry Canada, you polite bastards), but really, I think she’s just enjoying the ride. That said, Jessica is very aware (along with the rest of us) that the show’s ending is in sight. For us it means a little bit of the sads, and then refiguring our Sunday nights. For Jessica it means finding the next gig while knowing that lightning rarely strikes twice.  

We spoke on the phone about what it’s like to play the very thing she is; a young  pretty actress trying to make it big in the business of show.

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