Jessica Paré

fashion/features project issue #7

Meshes of the Afternoon

photography  •  Malerie Marder   styling  •  Michelle Tomaszewski   text    Alec Holland

I start my interview with Jessica Paré the least professional way possible: kvelling. I can’t help it. Jessica, who plays Don Draper’s young wife Megan on Mad Men, is on arguably one of the greatest TV shows of all time. Great writing, great acting; and it’s a visual wet dream. Also, Jessica looks just like the model on the cover of Herb Alpert’s Whipped Cream & Other Delights, which was my childhood obsession, so I am full tilt kvell. 

Jessica has an easy attitude as she talks. Yes, you could blame it on being Canadian (sorry Canada, you polite bastards), but really, I think she’s just enjoying the ride. That said, Jessica is very aware (along with the rest of us) that the show’s ending is in sight. For us it means a little bit of the sads, and then refiguring our Sunday nights. For Jessica it means finding the next gig while knowing that lightning rarely strikes twice.  

We spoke on the phone about what it’s like to play the very thing she is; a young  pretty actress trying to make it big in the business of show.

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Mirror of the Sun

fashion project issue #7

photography: Enrique Badulescu styling: Romina Herrera Malatesta model: Janice Alida


Fabien Baron

art project issue #7


Chris Zylka 

features / purist project issue #7

Interview Thom Lonardo Photography Dennis Golonka styling Romina Herrera Malatesta

It’s Sunday afternoon in New York, and actor Chris Zylka and I plan to meet at the corner of Perry and Hudson Street in the West Village. We’ve never met before, but he’s easy to spot amongst the listless post-brunch crowd that’s shuffling about. At six foot one, Zylka’s an attractive looking jock with a rebel’s swagger, who also happens to be incredibly punctual, arriving at our scheduled meeting time, to the minute.  He saunters over, and asks if he can finish his cigarette before we get started. “I’m trying to quit, but it’s really fucking hard,” he says sheepishly.

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Jean-Francois Lepage - Recycle

art project issue #7

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