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UTP Nº 7


Un-Titled Project Issue #7 Contributing Artists: 

featuring  The Art project with: Fabien Baron, Olaf Breuning, Marcel Castenmiller, Ali Michael, Jean-Francois Lepage & Florent Tanet  The Art feature project with: Bruce Weber: the Purist project with: Sophie Dahl, Matt Dillon, Marc Forster, Michele Hicks, Sohn, Daniel Turner, Vincent Van Duysen, Tasha Tilberg, Rad Hourani, Cory Stearns, Scott Haze, Melanie Ward & Chris Zylka  The Fashion  project with: Janice Alida, Jessica Paré, Bastian Thiery, Beth Donaghy, Max Irons, Kel Markey & Janis Ancens with photography by: Enrique Badulescu, Malerie Marder, Dennis Golonka, Leon Mark, Christophe Kutner & Emilio Tini.  The Fashion spotlight project with Victoria  Bartlett & VPL.  The Beauty spotlight project with Topolino & The Last project with Christina Kruse.